Paper Returns

Get Utah Forms

Downloadable PDF versions of Utah tax forms are available at Many of these forms can be completed on your computer, then printed.

Completing Paper Returns

To avoid errors and get the fastest refund possible, file your return electronically. If you must file a paper return, follow these guidelines:

  • Use black or dark blue ink only. Do not use felt tip pen.
  • Enter only whole dollar amounts – no cents.
  • If a line or box does not apply to you, leave it blank.
  • Do not use dollar signs, commas or parentheses.
  • If entering a loss, use a minus sign in front of the number.
  • Sign and mail the original return – keep a copy for your records.

Tax Commission Mailing Address

Rounding Off to Whole Dollars

Round off cents to the nearest whole dollar. Round down if under 50 cents; round up if 50 cents and above. Do not enter cents on the return.

Negative Numbers

When reporting losses or other negative numbers, do not use parentheses. Always indicate a negative number with a minus sign (-).

Mailing Paper Returns

If you file a paper return, allow at least 90 days for it to be processed.

Mail your paper return, plus any schedules, payment and payment coupon, to:

Refund Return
Utah State Tax Commission
210 N 1950 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84134-0260

Tax-due Return
Utah State Tax Commission
210 N 1950 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84134-0266