Free & Paid Tax Software & Websites

Free Federal and State Tax Filing Sources

There are many free filing options available, even for taxpayers with higher incomes. Choose any of these for more information:

Commercial (Paid) Software Products and Websites

To use a commercial software product or website, you either buy software and install it on your computer, or you use the product at the provider’s website.


After you’ve completed your return, the service will usually offer to electronically submit your state and federal returns, usually for a small fee. Choosing this option ensures your return is sent quickly and accurately. If you’re expecting a refund, choose e-file to get your refund as fast as possible.

Do not send a paper copy of your return to the IRS or the Tax Commission if you file electronically.

Tax Payments

If you owe tax, you can still e-file early and pay your balance due by the due date. See Payment Options.

Direct Deposit

Follow the product or website instructions to have your refund electronically deposited into your bank or credit union account.

Important Information

Many private software developers provide products or online services to complete and file your tax return. Some of these are commercial products that generally charge a fee. Check the Free Federal and State Tax Filing Sources above if you’re looking for free filing methods. The free options are provided by reputable, safe, and secure providers and can help save the cost of paying for a commercial provider or software.

When you use a software provider to file your taxes, your return is processed by that company. The Tax Commission does not contract with any commercial software provider and does not guarantee returns prepared by these commercial companies will be correct. Also remember you will need to get technical support from the software provider, not the Tax Commission.

List of Commercial Websites and Software Providers

See above for FREE filing options.

The following companies provide software or websites for preparing and filing taxes. This list is only provided as a service and is not all-inclusive. The Tax Commission does not endorse any specific product or website.