Voluntary Subtraction – Apply Refund to my529

Utah Code §59-10-1313

Also see Utah my529 tax credit

You may contribute all or part of your refund to your Utah my529 individual account(s) by entering the amount you want deposited. The deposit will be sent to my529 with your name, address and Social Security number as identification.

My529 will deposit your refund into your my529 account(s). If you have multiple my529 individual accounts under your Social Security number, your refund will be divided equally among all your individual accounts. Both Social Security numbers from a joint return will be matched to existing my529 individual accounts for dividing the refund.

If you do not have a my529 individual account, my529 will send you information to open an account. If you do not open an account within the designated time frame, your refund will be returned to you by my529 without interest or earnings.

Note: Your refund will not be contributed to your my529 individual account until your return has completed processing, which may take up to 90 days. Any outstanding federal or state debt you owe may be subtracted from your refund before it is contributed to your my529 individual account(s). The refund will be treated as a current year contribution in the year contributed.

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