Refund by Mail

Your refund will be mailed to the address on your return if you do not choose direct deposit. However, even if you have chosen direct deposit, there are certain situations where we will still mail your refund check rather than using direct deposit. These include:

  • You choose direct deposit but your bank or credit union rejects the deposit. This could happen if, for example, your account number and last name don’t match the bank’s records.
  • You designated a foreign bank account for the deposit. Current federal law does not allow this.
  • There was an attempt by phone to change your refund to direct deposit after the return was filed. This is for your own security.
  • You requested a prepaid debit card that was not approved by the Tax Commission.
  • Your employer didn’t submit the employee W-2 forms by March 1st.

See Refund by Direct Deposit for more information on this topic.