Refund by Direct Deposit

General Information

If you want your refund (or remaining refund) deposited directly into your checking or savings account, enter your bank or credit union’s routing number and your account number. Do not include hyphens, spaces or special symbols. See illustration below.

See the Direct Deposit Example (below) to find the routing and account numbers on your check. Your financial institution can also provide this information.

If we cannot direct deposit your refund we will mail you a refund check to the address on your return. See Refund By Mail for more information.

Direct deposit example

You can also choose direct deposit if you use Taxpayer Access Point to file your return.

If you find that your deposit information is incorrect after you’ve submitted your return, please contact us immediately. We can delete the deposit information and issue a paper check by mail instead. However, to protect against fraud, we cannot change your direct deposit information unless you bring a signed request to one of our offices and provide identification. Office locations can be found at Office and Walk-in Customer Service Locations.

If you already filed your return and did not choose direct deposit for your refund, we cannot change it.

Direct Deposit into Foreign Account – TC-40, Page 3, Part 6

Enter “X” if you requested direct deposit on TC-40, page 2, and you want your direct deposit to go to an account outside of the United States or its territories. We cannot transfer funds outside of the United States, so if you check this box Utah will send you your refund as a check.