Completing Your Return


You must sign your return. If filing a joint return, both you and your spouse must sign. Not signing the return will delay your refund.

Paid Preparer Requirements

A paid preparer must enter his or her name, address, and PTIN in the section below the taxpayer’s signature.

Preparer Electronic Filing Requirements

UC §59-10-514.1

If a preparer (or two or more preparers affiliated together in the same establishment) prepared over 100 returns in a prior calendar year, the preparer(s) must submit all of their Utah individual income tax returns electronically. Exceptions apply for taxpayers who choose not to file electronically and for undue hardship on the preparer in conforming to this provision (see form TC-831).

Preparer Penalties

UC §59-1-401(11)-(12)

The person who prepares, presents, procures, advises, aids, assists, or counsels another on a return, affidavit, claim, or similar document administered by the Tax Commission, and who knows or has reason to believe it may understate a tax, fee or charge, is subject to both a civil penalty ($500 per document) and criminal penalties (second degree felony with a fine from $1,500 to $25,000).

Tax Due

If you owe tax and do not pay electronically, submit form TC-547 and your check or money order with your return. See form TC-547 on the last page of these instructions.

IRS Information

All information on your return is compared to information filed with the IRS.