Utah my529 Plan Addback (code 54)

Formerly called Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP)

Utah Code §59-10-114(1)(d) and Rule R865-9I-49

If you withdrew an amount from a Utah my529 account but did not use it for qualified higher education expenses, and the withdrawal did not meet an exception under IRC §529(c) or §530(d), the amount withdrawn must be included in Utah additions to income.

Enter the amount, up to the amount deducted on your Utah return in a tax year prior to 2008 or the amount used to calculate the my529 credit on your Utah return after 2008.

A my529 account owner will receive form TC-675H, Utah Educational Savings Plan Tax Statement for Contributions, Withdrawals, and Transfers, from my529. Keep this form with your records.

Enter the taxable amount on Utah form TC-40A, Part 1, using code 54.

For More Information on my529

For more detailed information on my529 accounts, call 801-321-7188 or 1-800-418-2551, or go to the my529 website at my529.org.