Child’s Income Excluded from Parent’s (code 56)

UC §59-10-114(1)(b)

If you are a parent who reported a child’s interest and dividends on your federal return, you must add any child’s income excluded from your income to your Utah return.

Use the following worksheet to calculate the addback:

1. Enter the lesser of federal form 8814, line 4 or line 5 $
2. Federal amount not taxed. $  1,250
3. Subtract line 2 from line 1. If less than zero, enter “0.” This is the addition to Utah income. $

If you reported income for more than one child, complete the calculation above separately for each child using their respective federal form 8814. Total the amounts from line 3 above for each child and enter the amount on TC-40A, Part 1, using code 56.

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