What’s New & Recent Information

Also see: Recent Info and Tax Law Changes which details recent changes in tax laws, including federal laws that affect Utah taxes.

What’s New

  • Solar energy systems phase-out: The maximum Renewable Residential Energy Systems Credit (credit 21) for solar power systems installed in 2023 is $400.
  • Payroll Protection Program (PPP) grant or loan addback: In certain situations you must add to your income the amount of PPP grants or loans forgiven in 2023. 
  • Nonresident Exemption: The 2022 Utah Legislature passed SB 39, providing an income tax exemption for certain nonresidents who work in Utah 20 days or less during the year. 
  • Utah tax rate: The 2023 Utah Legislature passed HB 54, lowering the individual income tax rate from 4.85 percent to 4.65 percent.
  • Utah earned income tax credit: The 2023 Utah legislature passed HB 54, limiting the Utah earned income tax credit to the amount of Utah income earned. 
  • Additional dependent for taxpayer tax credit: The 2023 Utah legislature passed HB 54, allowing an additional personal exemption in the year of a qualifying dependent’s birth, for purposes of calculating the Utah taxpayer tax credit. 
  • Tax credits for adoption expenses: The 2023 Utah Legislature passed HB 130, repealing the Special Needs Adoption tax credit (credit 41) and enacting a Refundable Adoption Expenses tax credit (credit ME) and a Nonrefundable Adoption Expenses tax credit (credit AS).