IRS Authorized Tax Preparers for Electronic Filing

What is E-Filing?

If you have a professional tax preparer complete your tax returns, ask the preparer to electronically file BOTH your Utah and federal returns. This will assure accuracy and speed your refund. You will also get a filing receipt.

Find an E-File Provider

Visit the IRS site Authorized IRS e-file Providers for Individuals, where you can enter your Zip Code to find the nearest authorized IRS e-file provider.

How Does Electronic Filing Work?

YOur tax preparer will use electronic filing software to submit your return information.

Do not send a paper copy of your return to the IRS or the Utah State Tax Commission if you file electronically.

Do You Owe Tax?

If you owe additional tax, you can still file electronically early and pay your balance by April 18, 2016. Several payment methods are described on Payment Options.