Recycling Market Development Zones

Recycling Market Development Zone Credit (code 10)

Utah Code ยง59-10-1007

You may not claim or carry this credit forward into the same year you claim or carry forward the enterprise zone credit or the targeted business credit.

The credit is available for qualified machinery and equipment purchased and for other qualified expenditures made by persons and businesses operating in a designated recycling market development zone.

Complete form TC-40R, Recycling Market Development Zone Tax Credit, with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development certification, verifying the credit is approved. Do not send form TC-40R with your return. Keep the form and all related documents with your records.

Note: Any credit that is more than the tax liability may be carried forward for the next three years.

For more information, contact:

Governor’s Office of Economic Development
60 E South Temple, 3rd Floor
Salt Lake City, UT 84111