Mineral Production Withholding – TC-40W, Part 2

To claim credit for Utah mineral production withholding tax, enter the following information. If from form TC-675R, enter lines 1, 2, 3 and 5; if from Utah Schedule K-1, enter lines 4 and 5.

Line 1 – Enter the mineral producer’s federal EIN (TC-675R box 2).

Line 2 – Enter the mineral producer’s name (TC-675R box 1).

Line 3 – Enter the mineral producer’s Utah withholding account number (TC-675R box 3).

FYI: Mineral Withholding Account Number

The Utah mineral withholding account number is a 14-character number. The first eleven characters are numeric and the last three are “WMP.” Do not enter hyphens. Example: 12345678901WMP.

If form TC-675R does not include this number, contact the payer to get the correct number to enter on TC-40W, Part 2. Failure to include this number on TC-40W may cause your withholding to be disallowed and delay any refund.

Line 4 – If the mineral withholding tax distribution was received from a pass-through entity (partnership, LLC, LLP, S corporation or trust), enter the pass-through entity’s federal EIN. If you receive a TC-675R directly from the mineral producer, leave this line blank.

Line 5 – Enter your mineral production withholding tax (TC-675R box 6) or your share of mineral production withholding tax reported on Utah Schedule K-1 by a pass-through entity.

Add the amounts of mineral production withholding tax from all lines 5 and enter the total on form TC-40, page 2, line 36.

Do not send TC-675R(s) with your return. Keep them in your files.

Processing may be delayed or the withholding tax credit disallowed if you do not complete TC-40W with all required information.

TC-675R Example