Low-Income Housing (code 08)

UC §59-10-1010

This credit is determined by the Utah Housing Corporation for owners of a low-income housing project who also received part of the federal low-income housing credit. When this credit applies, the project owner will provide you with form TC-40TCAC (issued by the Utah Housing Corporation).

If you share in this credit, get form TC-40TCAC, Utah Low- Income Housing Tax Credit Allocation Certification, and complete form TC-40LI, Summary of Utah Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. Do not send these forms with your return. Keep the forms and all related documents with your records.

The building project owner must also complete and attach to his/her return form TC-40LIS, Utah Credit Share Summary of Low-Income Housing Project.

Note: Any credit that is more than the tax liability may be carried back three years or forward for the next five years. If you are carrying this credit back or forward, also complete form TC-40LIC, Utah Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Carryback and/or Carryforward.

For more information contact:

Utah Housing Corporation
2479 S Lake Park Blvd.
West Valley City, UT 84120