Political Party Contributions

UC §59-10-1311

You may voluntarily apply $2 of your tax to the Election Campaign Fund of a qualified political party if your tax liability is $2 or more. If this is a joint return, your spouse may also apply $2 to a qualified party if your tax liability is $4 or more. Any contribution you make will not add to the tax due on your return or reduce your refund. You cannot change your contribution on an amended return.

You can view the list of qualified political parties and find additional information at the Lieutenant Governor’s website elections.utah.gov/election-resources/registered-political-parties .

Making a Contribution

Qualified political parties and their matching codes are shown below. To make a contribution, enter the letter code in box 3 of your Utah TC-40, page 1. The taxpayer and spouse may choose to donate to different political parties.

Party Name Code
Constitution Party C
Democratic Party
Green Party of Utah
Independent American Party
Libertarian Party
Republican Party
United Utah Party