Revised April 21, 2009

This Site is for Tax Year 2008

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2007 & 2008 Income Tax Differences

The tax year 2008 income tax calculations are different from tax year 2007. The Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel has prepared the following document discussing these differences in detail: "Fact Sheet – Changes to Utah's Individual Income Tax"

The Governor's Office has prepared a calculator allowing you to make a comparison of your 2007 and 2008 taxes.

The Senate Site webpage also has additional information on this subject.

New Forms Example

Click here for examples of using the new income tax form.

What's New for the 2008 Tax Year

Click here to find out about changes that might affect your income tax.

How To File Your Completed Return

To see if you could save time and receive your refund sooner by filing your return online, click here.

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